introducing selflove sessions

  • 45 minute - 1.5 hour photo shoot

  • Professional make-up artist (optional add on)

  • 10 high-resolution images delivered 48 hours after your shoot

  • selflove take-away

You are a work of art. It’s time you believe that.
From every inch of your skin to every fibre of your soul.
Today you will remember, your definition of beauty is your own.

20181130 lesleyybb BH 0188.jpg
20181130 lesleyybb BH 0210.jpg
20181130 lesleyybb BH 0346A.jpg

20180928 Love AF BH 0188.jpg
20180928 Love AF BH 0158.jpg

20180928 Love JM BH 0460.jpg
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20180928 Love JM BH 0420.jpg
20180928 Love JM BH 0388A.jpg

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